Improve power consumption by up to 5% without making any changes to the system

Energy efficiency analysis

Various types of heat ovens such as: push ovens, mobile ovens, movable salt furnaces, well ovens or melt furnaces feed the production line. The efficiency of the furnace heating process is therefore strategic for controlling the cost of the final product. Extreme Combustion can support the customer in the & nbsp; optimization of the heating curve, combustion regulation, combustion air flow control, and burner flame profile.

With appropriate calibration procedures, together with appropriate plant management methods, it is possible to improve consumptions up to 5% without making any changes to the existing system. In case new and more efficient equipment such as heat exchangers, new burners and new automated control systems, such as mathematical models capable of predicting the heating curve, and automatically defining process temperatures, improved fuel consumption can even exceed 15%.

Thermographic Analysis Burners