What & How

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What’s Extreme Combustion

What we do

Extreme Combustion is a company providing consulting services for steel, metallurgical, foundry and engineering companies specializing in combustion and heating systems.

With appropriate instrumentation, they also analyze thermal dispersions with detailed thermal imaging and pollutant emission analysis of combustion plants (NOx, CO, CO2).

CFD calculations and analyzes perform thermal and fluodynamic mapping, particularly of combustion chambers, ovens and burners.

How we work

By collaborating and sharing knowledge with the customer, we also provide the necessary assistance during the start-up, commissioning and setting-up of the combustion plant.

We analyze the issues presented by the customer and define together the best solutions to address and solve the problems of different heating processes.

By providing an adequate training service for the personnel involved in the heating system, the customer can also benefit from increased efficiency of their plant by improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. By technically supporting the customer, we evaluate the performance and energy efficiency of old plants; we define together the opportunity to adopt new burners or to equip the plant with more efficient combustion systems by calculating what the expected new performance and the benefits they will achieve.